This section presents the main results of the study, reflecting the prevalence of social distance among parents.


Most parents have heard about social distancing. The level of awareness of social distancing is lower among residents of small cities, as well as among people without higher education.
Among those parents who have heard about social distancing, 80% say they stick to it. Dads, parents aged 18-24 and people without higher education are less likely to stick to social distancing measures.
In practice, the proportion of parents adhering to social distancing is much larger: 91% of respondents to some extent socially distance themselves. Those who heard about social distancing support it to a greater extent (choosing 2.9 out of 4 proposed measures on average), and those who do not know the concept – to a lesser extent (2.4 measures on average).
In practice, social distance is used more by mothers, parents from larger cities, parents with higher education.
Most parents have already reduced the frequency of contacts with friends and acquaintances.

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