UNICEF put reflective vests on over 10,000 Belarusian students

For the new academic year, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) with the support of the Russian Federation Government purchased 10,500 reflective vests for primary school pupils all around Belarus.

Representatives of the MIA State Traffic Police Department and Ministry of Education recommended all Belarusian schools to purchase high-visibility vests. It is expected that primary school pupils will be wearing those during organized trips and excursions outside the school.

“Before, it was school administration who decided how many reflective vests were needed for their school. They had to find financing for that. School principals were facing a choice whether to buy 10-20 vests or a new blackboard. As for the moment, the vests received by us as assistance have already been sent to schools, and no school principal has asked, “Why do we need these?”, explained Alla Kazyuchits, Ministry of Education representative, to the TUT.BY journalist.

It became possible to purchase vests thanks to the UNICEF Child Injury Prevention project implemented with the support of the Russian Federation Government. The project is aimed at reducing the child injury rate in Belarus through training health, education, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Emergency Situations professionals, as well as teaching children and adolescents safe behavior skills.

The full article is available here: http://auto.tut.by/news/road/509272.html