“Decide and do together” with teenagers

A series of round tables and trainings for teens on the participation of young people with special needs and disabilities, as well as adolescents at risk in decision-making related to their health and development, was launched on February, 9 in Homiel. These events will be held in various regions of Belarus as part of the UNICEF project co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in the frames of the Polish cooperation for development program.

Youth participation: why and how? Vladimir Korzh, the Director of the international educational public association ACT, and Liudmila Blizniuk, the trainer and consultant at the center, help training participants identify the main priorities and challenges that can be solved through a dialogue with adults and participation in decision-making, as well as tell adolescents about teenagers’ activism in youth parliaments, volunteer groups and children-friendly centers.

Moreover, round tables with the participation of the social security system, health, education, sports and tourism representatives, teenager-friendly centers, youth parliaments and other youth associations members are held on the subject. In the course of a round table, adolescents can voice specific proposals from training participants to improve the mechanisms of involving young people from the most vulnerable groups in implementing socially important initiatives and decision-making related to their health and development.