Trainings "XXI Century Skills for Health and Development" at the Center for Innovation and Partnership in the premises of the NCC “Zubrenok”

From February, 28 to March 2, 2017, a series of 8 different thematic trainings under the general theme “Skills for Health and Development in XXI century” was held with the UNICEF support at the Center for Innovation and Partnership operating on the basis of the National Educational & Recreational Children's Centre “Zubrenok”. The trainings were attended by 153 persons.

The training covered four main topics:

1 – Effective communication: effective communication scheme and various communication barriers that can arise in the communication process were presented and discussed, some techniques for overcoming those communication barriers were introduced. Two groups were trained on this topic.

2 – Conflict management: the structure of the conflict as a state of contradiction between people based on opposing opinions, views and values was presented, pros and cons of each of the five behavior strategies in a conflict situation were discussed, and three specific opinions on conflict management, including “Conflict escalator”, “I-statement” and “5 questions in a conflict situation” were presented. Two groups were trained on this topic.

3 – Public speaking skills: the participants learned practical skills in performing public speeches and presenting themselves. Elements of non-verbal communication that can be improved in order to create a positive impact on the audience during a public speech were discussed in detail. Two groups were trained on this topic.

4 – TeDDi - Tribune for Children: the participants were given an opportunity to formulate their opinion on one of the issues that worried them and communicate their statement via a video-message. During the training, special attention was paid to the speech composing technology and methods of improving one’s speech when working in front of a video camera. Two groups were trained on this topic.

The trainings were conducted by Vitalij Nikonovich, Manager at the EDU-HUB, Regional Resource Training Center for professionals working with young people at risk in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

In April-May 2017, new educational programs, such as “Videoblogger’s Course”, “Effective Leadership” and “Basics of Reproducrive Health” will be held at the NCC “Zubrenok” Center for Innovation and Partnership.

News from the EDU-HUB website.