Moda Italia Minsk for inclusive society for every child

Moda Italia Minsk fashion show in cooperation with UNICEF have once again raised important social issues related to children's rights. On March 30 at the Prime Hall, organizers not only introduced the latest fashion trends to the Minsk public but also brought children from different social groups to the catwalk in order to draw attention to the inclusion issue.

Italy and Belarus have a long history of cooperation for the benefit of children. UNICEF, as the world's leading organization dedicated to the protection of the rights of every child, has joined Moda Italia Minsk fashion show for the third time.

The first time, we were here with children with special needs and talked about inclusive education. Last year in October, we participated in the show with adolescent girls in conflict with the law. We spoke up against labeling them. Today we will talk about sport for all. We believe that sport should involve not only those who will play in the national team and become Olympic champions. Sport should be open to everyone. Italy has made strides in this sphere.
Rashed Mustafa Sarwar, UNICEF Representative in Belarus

This year, Moda Italia Minsk and UNICEF united to advocate sport for everyone. Milan Football Club player and UNICEF volunteers brought to the catwalk children from different social groups wearing sports uniform in order to draw attention to the right of every child and teenager in Belarus to engage in their favorite sports and participate in important competitions, regardless disabilities or special needs. Sport helps break down barriers and integrate children who are often being rejected or discriminated due to their disabilities, gender or ethnicity. UNICEF also engages children in sports to help them improve self-esteem and life-skills such as a sense of mutual support and mutual respect, leadership qualities.

Football theme of the sports show was not chosen by chance. This year, UNICEF started cooperating with the Football Federation of Belarus Association and supporting the promotion of football for girls and the Amateur Football Championship among students of boarding schools and children's homes of family type organized by the Association and the Ministry of Education of Belarus. The four best players of the Championship selected by the jury will take part in the football camp which will be held this summer in Belarus, together with the Milan Football Club representative.

UNICEF around the world works closely with athletes: the organization has a partnership with the Barcelona and Manchester United football clubs. In particular, David Beckham, Messi, Novak Djokovic and other eminent sportsmen actively support UNICEF programs and activities featuring in public service advertising in order to draw attention to children's issues. UNICEF Belarus cooperates with Maxim Mirny and Victoria Azarenka.