Football Camp for Children "Milan City Camp" was held in Minsk with the support of UNICEF

From 23 to 28 July 2017 UNICEF took part in the football camp for children "Milan City Camp", which was held in Belarus for the first time with the participation of the famous football players of FC "Milan". UNICEF cooperates with sports organizations around the world to make sports accessible for every child, regardless of the financial status of his/her family and his/her abilities and disabilities.

The participants of "Milan City Camp" were children at the age of 6 to 16 who received a unique opportunity to be trained by Alessandro Lupi and Ludovico Costacurte, the coaches of the youth sector of red-black, by the Milan Academy integrated method. The children’s trainers were also such well-known players as Sebastiano Rossi who specially trained goalkeepers, Massimo Agostini and Sergio Domini who participated in the Italian Serie A championship, won all the championships at the club league level and were the holders of various Cups (Champions League, Intercontinental Cup, European Super Cup, Cups of Italy).

Children from orphanages who won the Republican mini-football tournament among the teams of Belarusian orphanages, boarding schools, children villages and cadet schools, organized by the Belarusian Football Federation Association (ABFF) in cooperation with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, also took part in the camp.

This is a unique experience that will allow participants to have fun, improve their technique, and stay in close contact with well-known coaches, who will help children to improve their football skills in a friendly atmosphere. The program includes daily workouts, offers recreational activities, sports games and tournaments.
Stefano Falgera, CEO at the "Fast Eventi" company

The camp organizers stated that the best players of the camp would represent “Fast Eventi” at the tournament in Milan, which will be held at the Wismar sports center (the location of the Milan Academy).