UNICEF representatives met with the Chairperson of the Investigation Committee

UNICEF representatives had an official visit to the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus. During the meeting, between the Chairperson of the Investigation Committee Ivan Noskevich, the Deputy Representative of UNICEF in Belarus Gabrielle Akimova and the UNICEF adviser Anna Pinaeva, the participants discussed the issue of future cooperation for the protection of children.

Underlining the importance of the meeting, Ivan Noskevich emphasized that “The Investigative Committee considers the protection of children against unlawful actions as a priority task. The main emphasis in this respect is made on the investigative actions for prevention. Our concerns are the impact on children from destructive communities in the internet and the spreading of pornography materials. Children become victims of violence in the families and in the cyberspace. For solving these problems, we take different measures during the pre-trial procedure and engage other governmental authorities in order to eliminate the causes and conditions facilitating the crimes, and actively interact with nongovernmental organizations. Therefore, we will be happy to have a constructive dialogue with UNICEF.”

According to Gabrielle Akimova, the analysis made by UNICEF together with the Government of Belarus helped identify the spheres where immediate investments and joint work are needed. The UNICEF Programme in Belarus for 2016 – 2020 reflects the national interests, which include, among other, the ensuring of safe environment for the child. Other relevant issues are: the prevention of psychological and physical violence against children in the family; promotion of healthy lifestyle and reduction of child mortality from external causes; and prevention and early identification of family problems and ensuring the interests of the child.

As stated by Yuri Kamenetsky, the investigator on especially important cases of the Investigative Committee, “The investigative actions for prevention can be used as a very efficient tool of the mechanism for protection of minors. Solving the issues of general and specific prevention, the investigator always relies on support from governmental authorities, nongovernmental organizations and individuals. Hence, the initiatives in this sphere are especially valuable.”

During the visit, the parties expressed their interest in the implementation of joint projects and fruitful cooperation.

The materials and photos are taken from site of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus.