UNICEF and the hockey team Dinamo-Minsk: Together for Every Child

A partner match between the hockey team Dinamo-Minsk and UNICEF was organized on 27 August in Minsk in order to draw attention to responsible parenting and the rights of the child.

During the 10th KHL season, the fans will not only enjoy hockey, but also will learn more about the urgent issues related to the rights of the child in Belarus through special actions, video rolls with famous hockey players and other information materials. The UNICEF area of the Minsk-Arena will include practical brochures for parents on responsible parenting. Children will find here pleasant surprises and presents.

On 27 April 2017, the Representation of the Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the hockey team Dinamo-Minsk signed a Memorandum of Understanding which enhanced their cooperation. The main lines for cooperation for the protection of the rights of children include promoting non-violent methods for child education and working with adolescents.

According to Rashed Mustafa Sarwar, UNICEF Representative in Belarus, UNICEF actively cooperates with sport organizations across the world in order to draw public attention to this and other topics. Its partners include the football clubs Barcelona and Manchester United; famous athletes, such as David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Novak Djokovic, and many other. “We are very happy to have new members in our family, and the hockey team Dinamo-Minsk became a partner of UNICEF in Belarus.”

“Through actions for adolescents, we will raise complex issues and demonstrate by our example that we can find a way out of any situation, even a very complicated one”, said Evgeni Lisovets, defender of the hockey team Dinamo-Minsk.

Aleksandr Pavlovich, forward of the hockey team Dinamo-Minsk, pointed that “Education of children is the most complex issue in the world. Many of our fans have their families. We are always very happy to see that many of them come to our matches together with their children. I hope their number will increase from now on!”