UNICEF in Belarus and Priorbank launch new ATM feature that allows quick donations

UNICEF in Belarus and Priorbank launched a unique ATM feature that allows donations to ‘Family for Every Child’ project with an inclusive dance flash mob. The project works to reconnect children with disabilities that live in residential institutions with their families and create family-type homes.

“The donation culture in Belarus is still developing. I hope that people who are helping the project, either on a one-time or a subscription basis, are proud of it. The new feature of Priorbank ATMs is unique: we have become the first ones in Belarus who made it possible to make a donation this way. It is really easy: you spend less than a minute and when many of us come together, we can change a child’s life. There is no such a thing as little help, even 1 Belarusian rouble donated regularly can help,” sums up Dr. Rashed Sarwar.

Within the next few months, all 400+ PriorBank ATMs in the country will have a donation feature.

Family for Every Child project started in September 2017 and now involves more than 3500 individual donors, more than a half of whom donate on a monthly basis. All the contributions are allocated for the project activities that include widening services for families that raise children with disabilities, teaching families and professionals involved in the care for children with disabilities the new approaches in the field; enhancing professional training and opportunities for young people with disabilities and so on.

Donations can also be made online through UNICEF in Belarus website.