Congratulations from the UNICEF Belarus Representative, Tanja Radocaj, on the beginning of the new academic year

Dear Children, Parents, and Teachers,


On September 1st, we celebrate learning, passing our legacy of global knowledge to the young generation to take humanity one step further and adding their discoveries and creation to the process. For centuries, schools have been our primary mechanism for passing from one generation to the other the knowledge and desire for learning and creation.


On behalf of UNICEF Belarus, I would like to express my warmest wishes to you all on the new academic year! 


This year has presented unprecedented challenges to learning and schooling across the global. Last spring, the majority of the world's children stopped going to schools, and countries all over the world struggled to support learning while keeping children and families safe from the disease. Without much time for preparations, most countries started some form of remote or blended learning, benefiting from modern technologies. Lessons were learned about opportunities and limitations and how children of different ages respond to it.   


Having analyzed the experience, the global community is now starting a new school year with more knowledge and better preparation. We hope that Belarus will also benefit from the global experience and continue education in a way that would ensure both health protection and learning.


As a team, we will support efforts across schools for safe and healthy practices at schools.


I wish you an exciting new academic year full of knowledge, discoveries, as well as new challenges to enable you to grow.