50 years ago: UNICEF received the Nobel Prize

50 лет назад: ЮНИСЕФ получил Нобелевскую премию

Fifty years ago, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Both before and after this important day in Oslo, we keep working daily to ensure the rights of children – every single child in the world!

Executive Director of UNICEF Henri Labouis who spoke after the award ceremony stressed the need for education for all children. Bringing up educated and informed individuals free from prejudice and hate will have an impact on all the people of the world who can trust their own civilization and believe each other. “The longer the world tolerates the slow and debilitating war that poverty and ignorance are now waging against 800 million children in developing countries, the more likely that we will eventually have to give up hope for a lasting peace.”

The Nobel Committee stated that “everyone has understood the language of UNICEF. Even the most reluctant person is bound to admit that UNICEF has proved with its work that compassion knows no national boundaries.”

The award received by UNICEF was a recognition that tomorrow's world will depend on today's children and stressed the importance of cooperation between governments, the UN and international and non-governmental organizations with the aim of improving the living conditions of children.