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ЮНИСЕФ и Министерство здравоохранения подписали план сотрудничества на 2018 год

В качестве приоритетов определены:

  1. Развитие детей раннего возраста, в том числе, детей с инвалидностью;
  2. Противодействие насилию и продвижение позитивных подходах к воспитанию детей;
  3. Здоровье и развитие подростков.

UNICEF awarded the signs of honour “Child Friendly City” to Novogrudok and Minsk.

On 1 September in Novogrudok and 9 September in Minsk, UNICEF awarded the signs of honour “Child Friendly City” to the city authorities.

UNICEF and the hockey team Dinamo-Minsk: Together for Every Child

A partner match between the hockey team Dinamo-Minsk and UNICEF was organized on 27 August in Minsk in order to draw attention to responsible parenting and the rights of the child.

Friendship without Borders Youth Forum in partnership with UNICEF

For a second year UNICEF supports Friendship Without Borders International Youth Forum, which is happening at National Children's Camp Zubrenok from June 28 to July 2 this year.

Финал республиканского конкурса мотиваторов «Я выбираю правильный путь!» прошел в Минске

16 июня в Минске прошло награждение победителей и участников республиканского детского конкурса мотиваторов по профилактике правонарушений среди несовершеннолетних ”Я выбираю правильный путь“.

UNICEF Day in Zubrenok

What do you know about Youth Friendly Health Centres and Youth Parliaments? Who are UNICEF Goodwill ambassadors? Things you can do from your couch to save the world? How could we achieve social inclusion and SGDs? The participants of Zubrenok leader-forum learnt a lot of interesting things during a thematic UNICEF day.

Children’s day with a focus on partnership for every child

On International Children’s Day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and UNICEF organized a joint online photo flash mob and event “Partnership for children”, showing our support to the most vulnerable children in Belarus and beyond.

What would you wish to every child?

On this International Children’s Day join us and post a simple, but very important wish #ForEveryChild in your social networks. Write down your wish “for every child” on a piece of paper, Take a photo with your wish and post it on Facebook, Vkontakte or Instagram with hashtags #1june #foreverychild #unicefinbelarus to show your support to the most vulnerable children.

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