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Конкурсы для молодых журналистов и молодежных парламентов: «Город, дружественный детям» глазами подростков

ЮНИСЕФ совместно с Министерством образования Республики Беларусь и "Национальным центром художественного творчества детей и молодежи" объявляет 2 конкурса среди детских и молодежных парламентов и молодых журналистов в рамках инициативы «Город, дружественный детям». 

Annual UNICEF Gala Dinner brought $40 223 for children with disabilities in Belarus

On 7 October 2017 UNICEF friends and partners came together to UNICEF Black and White Gala to support the most vulnerable children in Belarus and raised $40 223 for UNICEF programmes for children with disabilities.

The National Action Plan for Improving the Situation of Children and Protection of Their Rights for 2017–2021 was approved

In its resolution No. 710 dated 22 September 2017, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus approved the National Action Plan for Improving the Situation of Children and Protection of Their Rights for 2017–2021.

Vladimir Makey met with the UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makey met with UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on 22 September during the session of the UN General Assembly.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Anatoly Kalinin suggested that UNICEF should set up a platform to develop charity culture

On 21 September, the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Anatoly Kalinin had a meeting with the Representative of UNICEF in Belarus Rashed Mustafa Sarwar. They discussed the relevant issues of cooperation with UNICEF.

PRESS RELEASE: Only 15 countries worldwide have three essential national policies that support families with young children

New report says around 85 million children under five live in 32 countries that do not offer families three critical policies to support children’s early brain development.

The match of the hockey team Dinamo-Minsk under the auspices of UNICEF became a historic event in KHL

On 17 September, a match between the hockey teams Dinamo-Minsk and Metallurg was held in Minsk when the friends of UNICEF Evgeni Lisovets and Aleksandr Pavlovich, dressed in the UNICEF jersey, scored 3 out of 5 goals in the last minutes of the game.

При поддержке ЮНИСЕФ в Гродно оборудован автогородок для школьников

В рамках реализации проекта «Школа – территория безопасности и здоровья», который поддерживается и финансируется ЮНИСЕФ, в СШ №12 г. Гродно был оборудован автогородок, а также планируется открытие ресурсного центра по безопасности дорожного движения. 

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