Renaissance and UNICEF Run #foreverychild

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It!
Being a part of the Run #foreverychild Team is not only about running and sport achievements. If you run with us, you care about children, their future & their dreams.

On 9 September, our team runs Minsk Half-Marathon 2018 #foreverychild. In 2017 we fundraised more than 2 000 BYN to support UNICEF programs in Belarus. More than fifty people were running to give every child an opportunity to believe that his or her dreams can come true.

In 2018 we have a new target – let our team be two times bigger! We dream of 100 people running #foreverychild. If you share our wishes for every child and want to contribute to the charity campaign to raise funds for UNICEF programs in Belarus, join the team and donate #foreverychild!

Join the Team!

Being a part of the Run #foreverychild Team is not only about running and sport achievements.

Last year our team ran Minsk Half-Marathon 2017 # foreverychild and fundraised more than 1 800 BYN to support UNICEF programs in Belarus. This year we will also join Minsk Half Marathon on September 9 so as to give every child an opportunity to believe that his or her dreams can come true. Every child with disabilities will be able to attend regular school, every child without parents will have a loving family, each teenager will be able to take part in the life of his city, express his or her opinion and be heard.

If you share our wishes for every child and want to contribute to the charity campaign to raise funds for UNICEF programs in Belarus, join the team and donate #foreverychild!

Run Minsk Half Marathon #foreverychild

From London to Berlin to New York, running a marathon takes a lot of training and commitment. Make sure your day means even more by raising money to protect child's rights in Belarus together with the Renaissance Minsk Hotel and UNICEF.

Fill in the form, make your donatation #foreverychild and become one of our Renaissance-UNICEF team members!

It is possible to donate 20 BYN (10 USD), 50 BYN (25 USD), 100 BYN (50 USD) or any other amount which you are ready to give #foreverychild. 

Please keep in mind that in accordance with the Belarusian law we could accept money only in Belarusian rubles. The rate is approximately 1 BYN = 0.5 USD

Minsk Half Marathon 2018 #foreverychild

9 September 2018

09.00 - 15.30

Pobeditelei ave, 5

Day Before Race: PASTA PARTY from Renaissance Minsk Hotel

All runners know: before a long run you need to charge yourself with carbohydrates. Therefore, on the eve of the half-marathon Renaissance Minsk Hotel treated all members of our team with traditional Pasta Party. 50 first lucky ones who registered and donated to UNICEF got free team T-shirts, as well as other surprises and gifts from UNICEF and Renaissance Minsk Hotel.

Race Day: Team #ForEveryChild

Running as a team is always more exciting, especially when you run not only for the sake of a medal, but also to help children. Supporting your friends and family together with a big team is also very special experience, which fills both runners and fans with positive emotions and impressions. Thanks to everyone, who came to cheer our team, which run #foreverychild on September 10!

Before and After: donate for the better future for children in belarus

Support the Renaissance Minsk Hotel and UNICEF Team by your donation. We launched a campaign to raise funds for UNICEF programmes aimed at protecting children's rights in Belarus. Until October 7, you can donate yourself and share this opportunity with your friends and family. Do not stay apart!

Why We Are Running:

Dirk Vlierboom

Renaissance Minsk Hotel General Manager

In October 1999 the executive team of my hotel was challenged by one of my colleagues to Run the London Marathon in 2000. I though to myself – why not, so I started to train. However in the UK this is a very good way to raise much needed money for Non-Government funded research into diseases/illnesses etc. Unfortunately my sister at the age of 35 was diagnosed with MND (motor Neurone Disease) so I contacted the association and volunteered to run the London Marathon. I was accepted and had to raise a minimum of 2500 GBP Sterling. I did the run and afterwards said I would never run again. How wrong I was, the next year I was watching the London Marathon on TV and my mind told me – I needed to do another one….So I started running again. Since then for the MND Association (on behalf of my sister, mother and a very good friend who all passed away from MND) I have raised about 35,000.00 GBP Sterling with 2 marathons and 3 x 100KM runs.

Why do I do it – I enjoy it, it is not always easy but once you start it feels good and once you finish your run you feel great and it keeps me fit.

I saw there was the Minsk Marathon in September and knew I wanted to do this (I have tried to do at least 1 in each of the cities I have lived). I was also speaking with Rasheed from UNICEF and thought this may be a great way for us to raise awareness and funds for the very important work UNICEF does in Belarus. I discussed it and we agreed we should try. I discussed it with my colleagues and am absolutely thrilled and proud that the Renaissance Minsk will have more than 10 runners doing 5, 10 and 21 KM. With the UNICEF team we should have more than 20 runners.