Сonsultancy for conducting the desk review

National consultancy for conducting the desk review of breastfeeding administrative and survey national data


Key Tasks:

2.1. To describe existing country system against main WHO/UNICEF guidelines on breastfeeding and other existing international standards under following domains:

• National counselling services for women on breastfeeding before birth and during first two years of child’s life;

• Legislative and other norms existing in the country on inappropriate promotion of foods for infants and young children, including breastmilk substitutes;

• Social and cultural norms existing in the country on protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding practises within education, workplace, public spaces and facilities providing maternity and newborn services;

• HIV and infant feeding: the duration of breastfeeding, and support from health services to improve feeding practices among mothers living with HIV.

2.2. To describe existing system of data collection and legislation that regulates data collection on breastfeeding in the following areas:

• Use of WHO/UNICEF Tracking Tool on possible set of national targets until 2025, with focus on Breastfeeding target. https://www.who.int/tools/global-targets-tracking-tool;

• Governmental statistical forms for data collection comparing methodologies and procedures of MoH data collection and MICS.

2.3. Provide recommendations to scope of the National Breastfeeding Data validation exercise in 2021-2022, including additional qualitative and quantitative studies to support it.


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